The Year of the Monkey is an unpublished novel by Marc Heiden. Equipped with a dictionary and his trusty rubber ball, a monkey named Apple moves out of the zoo and rents an apartment with his best friend, a panda. Apple gets a job inspecting bananas at a local supermarket, and all goes well until he is transferred to the corporate office, where he must suddenly contend with computers, progress reports, the impatience of his human co-workers, and a mysterious clan of ninjas, who are not happy about being stuck at the office either. Meanwhile, the panda foils a legion of foreign bureaucrats who have been assigned to convince him to breed, and winds up falling in love anyway. Over the course of 1000 pages (in manuscript form), Apple hosts a couple of parties, goes bowling, meets a girl, jumps on the bed, gets a winter coat, travels around the world, climbs a mountain, fulfills an ancient prophecy, does a bit of urban greening, and takes the largest bubble bath of all time. The author is currently seeking literary representation. For an extended synopsis, sample chapters, or other inquiries, please contact